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Anatomy of a Sustainable World, The

Glen T. Martin

ISBN: 978-1-933567-47-1, paperback. LIST: $18.95

The Anatomy of a Sustainable World breaks new ground in the struggle for a transformed world system. This book examines the roots and the deadly consequences of our current unsustainable civilization as manifested in its war-system, nation-state system, and global economic system. Together these portend disaster for our planet-unless we make profound systemic changes. This book illuminates both the roots of our present crisis and the concrete and practical steps we can take to transform civilization to sustainable principles. It does not rest in the realm of theory alone. It shows in detail what a sustainable world system looks like. It presents the specific political and economic steps we can take to make sustainability a reality.

Ascent to Freedom

Glen T. Martin

ISBN: 978-1-933567-07-5, hardbound. LIST: $39.95
ISBN: 978-1-933567-06-8, trade paperback. LIST: $29.95

Ascent to Freedom develops a philosophical framework for democratic world law by drawing on the scientific revolutions of the twentieth century, the history of philosophy of law, and contemporary discussions of law, democracy, and human rights. It traces the history of the philosophy of law from ancient times to the present, showing the progressive development of democratic thought that culminates in the imperative for global democracy. It examines the legitimacy of the dominant institutions in the contemporary world (monopoly capitalism and the nation-state system) and points beyond these destructive, fragmenting institutions to a holistic approach for human affairs. It concludes by developing the parameters and the likely consequences of a conversion to democratic world law for protecting the environment and human rights as well as creating a world system of peace and prosperity for everyone on Earth. Ascent to Freedom lays out both the practical and conceptual foundations for a transformed world order that can deal directly with our multiple global crises while creating peace and prosperity on Earth.

Constitution for the Federation of Earth, A

Glen T. Martin

ISBN: 978-1-933567-30-3, trade paperback. LIST: $19.95
ISBN: 978-1-933567-31-0 , hardbound. LIST: $24.95

This book represents the first time the Constitution for the Federation of Earth has been appeared in print from an official press with its own ISBN number. The Constitution was developed by a drafting committee of 25 persons with feedback from hundreds of world citizens over a period of 33 years from 1968 to 1991. In this premiere edition, Glen T. Martin has written a substantive historical introduction situating the Earth Constitution within the world federalist movement of the past 80 years, an extensive commentary on the Constitution that explains the significance of its 19 articles one by one, and a conclusion in which he discusses the larger meaning of the Constitution and the Earth Federation Movement that promotes it. The book includes bibliography and index as well as a number of appendices containing the relevant documents surrounding the Constitution and the Earth Federation Movement.

Cooperative Capitalism

J. W. Smith

ISBN: 0-9753555-8-9, hardbound. LIST: $29.95
ISBN: 0-9753555-9-7, trade paperback. LIST: $18.95

Terrorism - Peace - Civil- Political Freedom & Security Rights - Political Science - Political Freedom & Security - International Security Permanent global peace and sustainable development. Personal property rights, community property rights, private property rights. Subtle monopolization a remnant of feudal exclusive property rights. Primary monopolies, subsidiary monopolies, and natural monopolies. Refocusing economic thought. Never did a nation develop under Adam Smith free trade. The periphery of empire could not be permitted their freedom. The CIA's Mighty Wurlitzer suppressing the world's break for freedom. Strategies of tension control a free press and a free nation. Professors, intellectuals, and the masses are locked into protecting empire The evolution from plunder by raids to plunder by trade began 800 to 1,000 years ago in the Free Cities of Europe. As those cities evolved into nations and those nations into empires, plunder by trade was plunder by both raids and trade was practiced. Plunder by trade has been the dominant feature of world trade since WWII. But the developing world is now aware and that structure of world trade may soon be history.

Dawn Dancing

Elaine F. Webster

ISBN: 978-1-933567-28-0, trade paperback. LIST: $14.95

Dawn Dancing is the second book of poetry by Elaine F. Webster. It reflects a deep sensitivity to the joys, contradictions, and difficulties of contemporary life. Chapters include "Just for Fun," "Raquette Lake, NY - Adirondacks," "Italy-Greece," "Florida," and "Political Questions." These poems open windows into dimensions of spirit, family, nature, civic responsibility and personal history. They reflect a blend of intense pain and great joy in the process of seeking harmony within the complexities of today's world.

Earth Belongs to Everyone, The

Alanna Hartzok

ISBN: 978-1-933567-04-4, trade paperback. LIST: $22.95

The Earth Belongs to Everyone by Alanna Hartzok, co-director of Earth Rights Institute, sets forth the vision and policy foundation for no less than a new form of democracy -- "earth rights democracy." Following an introduction containing glimpses of the author's fascinating journey through life, this compilation of her articles and essays describes how to establish political-economic systems based on the human right to the planet as a birthright. Her main point is that earth rights democracy is an essential ethical basis necessary to secure other economic human rights and to create a world of peace and plenty for all. She places this core perspective into an integrated local-to-global framework that balances the need for global cooperation with the necessity for building demilitarized, decentralized, and sustainable local-based economies.

Earth Federation Movement, The

Glen T. Martin

ISBN: 978-1-933567-37-2, hardbound. LIST: $29.95

Martin includes not only the fundamental and defining documents of the Earth Federation Movement, including the Earth Constitution, but also presents the history of the movement, its philosophical foundations, and its fundamental vision.

Earth Federation Now

Errol E. Harris

ISBN: 978-0-975355-55-8, trade paperback. LIST: $18.95
ISBN: 978-0-975355-54-1, hardbound. LIST: $27.95


Economic Democracy

J.W. Smith

ISBN: 978-1-933567-11-2, hardbound. LIST: $34.95
ISBN: 978-1-933567-10-5, trade paperback. LIST: $24.95

The evolution from plunder by raids to plunder by trade began 800 to 1,000 years ago in the Free Cities of Europe. As those cities evolved into nations and those nations into empires, plunder by trade was plunder by both raids and trade was practiced. Plunder by trade has been the dominant feature of world trade since WWII. But the developing world is now aware and that structure of world trade may soon be history.

El Manifiesto de la Federation de la Tierra

Glen T. Martin

ISBN: 978-1-933567-39-6, hardbound. LIST: $24.95
ISBN: 978-1-933567-38-9, trade paperback. LIST: $14.95

Spanish language translation of the Constitution for the Federation of Earth.

Emerging World Law

Eugenia Almand

ISBN: 978-1-933567-16-7, trade paperback. LIST: $89.95

Volume One of Emerging World Law exhibits international law maturing into world law through world constitutional and parliamentary processes. Self-governing democratic systems emerge globally under the direction of world citizens who take initiative, insisting on human dignity, individual accountability, and peaceful world relations. The volume presents the Constitution for the Federation of Earth in numeric format, keeping all substantive content of the original 1991 version. The volume also includes the memorials, resolutions, and legislative summaries of the Provisional World Parliament during its first ten sessions, 1982 to 2007. Dr. Terence Amerasinghe recounts the 50 year history of the World Constituent Assemblies and the Provisional World Parliament. Dr. Almand clarifies interpretations of the democratic and non-military Constitution, showing why no amendments are needed before the nations and people of Earth ratify the Constitution. Dr. Martin analyses the problem of origins and legitimacy of emerging world law, showing the difficulties and dynamics of transforming presently outmoded international institutions in the direction of a genuine global democracy. 28 color pages.

Emperor's God, The

D. Michael Rivage-Seul

ISBN: 978-1-933567-17-4, trade paperback. LIST: $34.95

An ex-priest's daring critique of commonly accepted distortions of Christianity that support a U.S. empire more compatible with Satanism than with the Prophet of Nazareth.

Matter of Greed, A

Arindam Mukherjee

ISBN: 978-1-933567-40-2, cloth. LIST: $32.95
ISBN: 978-1-933567-41-9, trade paperback. LIST: $19.95

Greed has always been a driving force in human lives and human history. Arindam Mukherjee shows how the greed of western expansionist civilizations has dominated not only their own history, but has come to dominate the entire world, to the great sorrow of the majority of the world's people. Using a broad range of sources and drawing upon the best insights of such thinkers as Noam Chomsky, William Blum, and Pepe Escobar, the author brilliantly analyzes the fundamental force driving the relentless string of tragedies in recent human affairs. A must read for anyone concerned with international peace and social justice.

Money: A Mirror Image of the Economy

J.W. Smith

ISBN: 978-1-933567-13-6, hardbound. LIST: $29.95
ISBN: 978-1-933567-12-9, trade paperback. LIST: $19.95

Henry George’s principles applied to world money systems is the lever to eliminate monopolies worldwide. Fully 60% of those huge blocs of capital disappear. Not only were they never necessary, their collection under the current monopoly structure reduces economic efficiency by fully 50% or more.

Mystery of Matter, The

Tony Equale

ISBN: 978-1-933567-35-8, trade paperback. LIST: $19.95
ISBN: 978-1-933567-34-1, cloth. LIST: $29.95

The Mystery of Matter attempts to lay down philosophical foundations for the universe as revealed by modern science. It offers a critique of both perennial philosophy's metaphysical dualism and modern positivism's mechanistic reductionism in the areas of metaphysics, epistemology and cosmology. It presents a systematic view that is called cosmo-ontology using a methodology akin to Dewey's instrumentalism. It focuses on the transcendent vitality of material energy and its communitarian character as the antithesis to both dualism and reductionism. It grounds ethics in the politics that derives from the communitarian nature of matter itself; and it speaks to the possibility of relationship to the matrix of all existence.

One World Renaissance

Glen T. Martin

ISBN: 1-978-933567-50-1, perfect. LIST: $21.95
ISBN: 1-978-933567-51-8, Kindle. LIST: $7.00

In his previous works Ascent to Freedom (2009) and Triumph of Civilization (2010), Professor Martin articulated the fundamental principles of holism, systems theory, and authentic democracy. In his last book, Anatomy of a Sustainable World (2013), he showed the deep roots of a sustainable world system that emerge with the paradigm-shift from fragmentation to holism, a transformation in human civilization that has been going on for more than a century.

Now, in One World Renaissance, he presents the grand synthesis, showing why our predicament requires the creation of a global social contract that can only be adopted through a profound philosophic shift to holism, the same evolutionary holism that has swept all of the world’s sciences. He explains why this new holism, if applied to global governance, would require a world federation under enforceable global law. Humanity can never flourish, Martin argues, unless we build a well-governed world that leaves behind our fragmented system of self-interested nation-states and global corporations bent on profit.

Promoting World Peace with Sociology

Bob Blain

ISBN: 978-1-933567-53-2, perfect. LIST: $10.95

In Weaving Golden Threads Bob Blain integrated concepts from across the social sciences to demonstrate how sociology can make sense of our human world. In this pamphlet-sized condensation, Prof. Blain provides an opportunity for readers to extract the essence of that earlier work, and apply it to the greatest problem of our time: World Peace. This booklet serves as an excellent introduction to the key ideas of the science of sociology, and as well to the insights needed for humanity to find its way forward to a better future.

Religion in a Material Universe

Toney Equale

ISBN: 978-1-933567-45-7, paperback. LIST: $19.95
ISBN: 978-1-933567-46-4, ebook. LIST: $5.50

This book follows The Mystery of Matter (2010) and is an attempt to fill out the implications of the worldview developed in that study. We live in a material universe which is observed, measured and described by science. Religion cannot compete with science. It has no “facts” about another world and other kinds of beings than ours. Religion is poetry that sings about the facts of this world, and its expressions are metaphor. The problem is that religion generally does not project its constructions as poetic metaphor but rather as scientific fact. Such an insistence is destructive not only of science, but also of the power of religious expression. A religion that calls its mythic projections “fact” stifles thought and opens itself—deservedly, in my opinion—to ridicule and rejection. But, just as importantly, it also robs myth of its power to bring light and life to our existential experience. In our modern era, the combination of an arrogant reductionist scientism and a religion that offers a set of parallel “facts” whose existence it pontificates by pure ungrounded fiat, has been fatal. We in the west live in a state of spiritual impoverishment because, in the main, religion refuses to apply its sacred song to reality as science has discovered it to be. AUTHOR: Tony Equale is retired from commercial farming and lives in SW Virginia. He is an ex-priest activist who worked in Mexico, Honduras and Nicaragua from ‘81 to ‘88. He fills his retirement time volunteering with labor organizations, subsistence farming, art and writing. He blogs at tonyequale.wordpress.com.

Triumph of Civilization

Glen T. Martin

ISBN: 978-1-933567-25-9, hardbound. LIST: $34.95
ISBN: 978-1-933567-24-2, trade paperback. LIST: $24.95


Unknown God, An

Tony Equale

ISBN: 978-1-933567-26-6, trade paperback. LIST: $22.95

An ex-priest reflects on priestly formation, the crisis in Catholicism and the past and future of faith. The book examines the traditional doctrines of the soul and "God" in the light of history, science and the writings of the mystics.

Weaving Golden Threads

Bob Blain

ISBN: 978-1-933567-32-7, trade paperback. LIST: $24.95
ISBN: 978-1-933567-33-4, ebook. LIST: $5.50

Unique among theory textbooks in the social sciences, Weaving Golden Threads integrates concepts from across the social sciences into an elegant tapestry of relationships, tests them with data from all the countries of the world in 1986 and 2008, applies them to personal, organizational, national and global levels, and offers two simulations for practicing their application: Cooperation: The Wealth of Nations Game, named in honor of Edward Bellamy and Adam Smith, and Instrument Panel for Spaceship Earth inspired by R. Buckminster Fuller.

World Revolution Through World Law

Glen T. Martin

ISBN: 0-9753555-3-8, trade paperback. LIST: $19.95

This book contains the most fundamental documents of the emerging Earth Federation together with extensive commentary, analysis, and description. It analyzes our fragmented world order in depth and shows the way forward toward a transformed world of freedom, justice, peace, and prosperity. The entire volume investigates our multi-faceted global crises on planet Earth and presents the many reasons why the only practical solution to today's catastrophic world-disorder is ratification of the Constitution for the Federation of Earth.